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This past Friday was a wig fixing day with fujoshiwithpasta

She will be cosplaying Maka Albarn from the Soul Eater series this October for Realms Con :3 

I’m her official Wig stylist do to my experience in Cosmetology and around a pair of scissors :D plus it’s fun messing around with new unrealistic hairstyles. Will probably fix it later once we have enough time from Uni and Homework.
If anybody is going to Realms don’t be afraid to drop a message in my ask box. I’ll post my line up when ever I have time 030

Me looking like a dweeb under that fabulous cosplay wig stylist Chellifish.



When you realise you’ve had one too many..

Us when we go hard fujoshiwithpasta



After saying hi to your crush

Da Baes fujoshiwithpasta
I will always reblog this myjonghyuncondition to your jjong-oppa
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